How to Get rid of Sod

How to Get rid of Sod

If you’re planning to place in a flower bed this springtime, you need to include it by removing a few of your existing grass. It’s a pity to kill flawlessly good SOD. The good news is, there’s one more option– dig up the sod and move it somewhere else on your residential property. This approach creates fast, clean results as well as allows you to establish your yard bed right away. Plus, it avoids your healthy yard from going to waste. Here’s the very best way to eliminate SOD without damaging it so you can transplant it elsewhere.

Tools Required to Get Rid Of Sod

Prior to you begin, ensure you have the adhering to horticulture devices on hand:

  • Pipe or lawn sprinkler
  • Sharp spade, shovel or, edger
  • Spade or pitchfork

Exactly how Do You Eliminate SOD?

Right here are the appropriate methods to make use of when removing sod:


Water the grass: A couple of days before you prepare to dig up the SOD, water the area extensively to make the soil less complicated to work with. After drying for a few days, you end up with damp– not soggy– soil, so it sticks but isn’t too hefty.

Cut into the SOD: Making use of a sharp spade, shovel, or lawn edger, reduced around the boundary of the yard you intend to eliminate. After that, reduced the sod right into one-foot by two-foot strips or one-foot-square pieces. You only require to appear the top layer of soil, so don’t bother with digging extremely deep.

Tear up the SOD: Dig under one end of each item of sod, as well as push a spade or pitchfork under it to puncture deep taproots. Raise out the pre-cut piece as well as tremble any kind of loose soil back onto the ground.

Roll up the SOD: If your pieces are long enough, roll them up like carpets. If you chose square pieces, pile them near the place where you prepare to hair transplant the SOD.

Caring for SOD Before Laying It

If you are unable to hair transplanting the sod immediately, understand that you have up to 5 days to lay it before the SOD passes away, depending upon the time of year and weather conditions. In mid-summer, actively expanding SOD can begin showing signs of anxiety in just 12 hrs. For this reason, you may want to prepare the transplant location for sod before excavating it out of the ground.


If dug-up sod needs to remain for more than a day, keep in mind that wetness is vital to its survival. Establish the squares or strips of sod in a questionable place where the sun can’t dry them out. If numerous hours go by, unroll the sod so you can water it. This likewise allows warmth to run away so the SOD does not pass away till you can finish the transplant.

Specialist Turf & Lawn Care from The Colorado Lawn Services.

Now that you recognize exactly how to get rid of turf, you might aspire to begin. Keep in mind that turf is very hefty, and you will possibly require aid from an additional individual for this job. As a matter of fact, for your very own security, we advise leaving big sod elimination projects to an expert.

If you require help re-sodding your yard, the experts at The Colorado Lawn Services can help. We have experience eliminating turf, laying brand-new turf, and executing any kind of various other lawn maintenance jobs you might need. Get in touch with us at (303) 357-2539 to figure out more concerning looking after your landscape.