The Top Lawn Pests and Diseases in Colorado and How to Prevent Them

Colorado has a wide range of pests and diseases that can harm your lawn. From insects to fungi, these threats can cause significant damage if left unchecked. To keep your lawn healthy and green, it’s essential to know the signs of lawn pests and diseases and take action to prevent them. Here are some of the top lawn pests and diseases in Colorado and how to prevent them.



Grubs are the larvae of various beetles that feed on the roots of grass. If left untreated, they can cause significant damage to your lawn. Signs of a grub infestation include brown patches of grass that pull up easily, and you may even see the grubs themselves if you dig down a few inches. Prevent grubs by applying a grub control product in late summer or early fall.


Chinch bugs

Chinch bugs are small insects that feed on the grass blades, causing them to turn yellow and then brown. They are prevalent in hot, dry weather and can quickly spread throughout your lawn. You can prevent chinch bugs by keeping your lawn well-watered and healthy.


Fungal diseases

Fungal diseases, such as dollar spot and brown patch, can cause unsightly brown patches on your lawn. These diseases thrive in warm, humid conditions and can quickly spread throughout your lawn. Prevent fungal diseases by watering in the morning and avoiding overwatering. You can also apply a fungicide to prevent and treat fungal diseases.



Weeds are not only unsightly, but they can also choke out your grass, making it harder for your lawn to thrive. Prevent weeds by maintaining a healthy lawn, including regular mowing and fertilizing. You can also apply a pre-emergent weed control product in the spring to prevent weeds from taking hold.



Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but they can also carry diseases like West Nile virus. To prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your lawn, eliminate standing water and keep your lawn well-maintained.


Taking care of your lawn can be challenging, especially when faced with pests and diseases. The best way to keep your lawn healthy is by partnering with a professional lawn care service. At Colorado Lawn Services, we offer comprehensive lawn care services, including pest control, disease prevention, and maintenance. Get in touch or call us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn.